What is a Webcam?

A webcam is a mounted camera connected to the internet that is used to take an automatic picture of a scenic view or local hostpot. This snapshot is then automatically posted on a website for all to view!

Add a Webcam to your Business!

Thousands of companies are using webcams to:

  • Display webcam image on personal business website for all to see!
  • Highlight the business location and setting to website visitors
  • Attractive content for Social Media - post webcam snapshots!
  • Powerful, unique and low-cost online marketing tool
  • Increase return website visitors as they come back to view your webcam
  • Share the weather such as beautiful sunsets!
  • Promote Tourism
  • Capture live entertainment such as concerts and events
  • FREE Advertising through recognition on 805Webcams.com
  • Popular with resorts, hotels, wineries, golf courses, public squares, restaurants and more!